Activation Reactivation

We have data from existing clients to support the success of MMS/SMS campaigns that helped reactivate clients considered lost, and clients who have registered with a supplier but never committed financially.

It is 8 times easier to sell to an existing client than it is to sell to a new client, so why do so many businesses focus on new client acquisition rather than maximising the return from their existing clients. We have produced a number of case studies, verified by clients to support the value of running digital offers direct to mobile to “dormant” and “never there” clients.

Product Updates

Brands have used SNIPER™ to message all clients in peculiar geo locations advising they were introducing a new product, services, or offering special viewing to VIP Clients.

With visual instant messaging 99% of people are going to see your message and remember your message. It is unlikely you will remember an SMS message – whereas we have real examples of visual messages being remembered 9 months after it was initially sent.


Delivered directly and regularly by MMS visual messages – instantly and affordably affirms to your clients the value of their existing loyalty program.

A loyalty update statement can be delivered as a visual message direct to the mobile of your loyalty member – with over 98% seeing the update, no expensive mailers, no impersonal text messages, no unread emails – and no two or three weeks to get them printed and direct mailed.

Your loyalty reward update can re-enforce your loyalty product brand as well as addressing your loyalty plan member by name, updating them with all details of their status, and entitlements. SNIPER™ has the functionality to add up to 22 unique data points that can be included in the MMS message.


gift cards

SNIPER™ has the patented technology that enables the purchase, delivery and redemption of digital GiftCards across the web, app and smart mobile platforms. One day the world will wake up and realise that a digital gift card that you can store on your phone, set for geographic location lookup and calendar reminder, is fully trackable and traceable, is a better product. Trouble is the plastic card industry pays for itself with the cards we lose or just forget to redeem.

SNIPER™ delivers verified, fraud checked, secure active MMS GiftCards direct to a mobile phone. The secure card requires no click link to access the card and fully trackable records are kept of the purchaser, receiver and redemption. This feature is provided free of charge within SNIPER™ – A commission is charged on each approved purchase. The below chart also shows that when sending a promotion, why not send a redeemable digital gift card instead of a coupon or voucher?

Think MailChimp* meets CANVA* meets
direct to mobile 2WAY messaging

* MailChimp is a trademark of Rocket Science Group

* CANVA is a trademark of CANVA