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SNIPER™ has the patented technology that enables the purchase, delivery and redemption of digital GiftCards across the web, app and smart mobile platforms. One day the world will wake up and realise that a digital gift card that you can store on your phone, set for geographic location lookup and calendar reminder, is fully trackable and traceable, is a better product. Trouble is the plastic card industry pays for itself with the cards we lose or just forget to redeem.

SNIPER™ delivers verified, fraud checked, secure active MMS GiftCards direct to a mobile phone. The secure card requires no click link to access the card and fully trackable records are kept of the purchaser, receiver and redemption. This feature is provided free of charge within SNIPER™ – A commission is charged on each approved purchase. The below chart also shows that when sending a promotion, why not send a redeemable digital gift card instead of a coupon or voucher?


80% of consumers prefer using text to engage with an organisation. Twilio in 2017 quoted that over 89% of US smartphone users prefer to deal with businesses via instant messaging rather than a phone call. This data challenges current phone based B2C sales and support strategies like outbound telemarketing and inbound phone support.

Customer experience is key and dictates that you consider enabling your clients to interact directly through messaging. SNIPER™ provides a full suite of tools to initiate, respond, track and report on 1:1 conversations between your organisation and its clients.


The challenge with holding an event is not getting people to accept, it is getting people to attend. Most of the work is put in to attract attention, selling the emotion and the value of the event. We have already seen wonderful uses of the platform as a promotional event reminder tool.


Trust is a core component of a respectful 1:1 relationship between an organisation and the consumer. One of the major drawbacks of SMS is the constant, continuous and increasingly innovative capabilities of SPAMMERs to come up with new schemes using SMS. Over half the malware, and the greater percentage of data theft on mobiles, occurs through users opening links on dubious SMS messages arriving from sources that, over time, have become more legitimate looking.

We have all become clever enough to spot the SMS from the Nigerian Prince wanting our bank account details. However, the use of Alpha headers is risky – as it takes no time or skill to mask an alpha header and pretend to be someone else.

SNIPER™ allocates a dedicated mobile number to each brand and organisation. In this way the sending identity cannot be faked, users can reply directly to the message, and ALL messages are delivered into the same user inbox. A dedicated mobile number allocated for your business becomes your brands true trackable mobile number, it enables your brand to have a trusted identity and a digital address for two way communications. At SNIPER™, we want your clients to be able to engage with you, through your mobile number, in their own time, risk-free with full trust in that relationship.

Think MailChimp* meets CANVA* meets
direct to mobile 2WAY messaging

* MailChimp is a trademark of Rocket Science Group

* CANVA is a trademark of CANVA