Don’t use Alpha Headers
Linkedin – 5 Reasons not to use alpha headers

I know what you are thinking Aine gets a lot of SPAM. Well, no more than anyone else – and we pledge that every one of these examples is real.

All of these are SPAM –  the Auspost one is scary – as it has come in on the back of the genuine Alpha header message from Auspost. The Woolies and Aldi one’s – well that is just some SPAMMer faking the brand name Alpha – so… if you want your communications trusted – PLEASE DON’T USE ALPHA HEADERS – as SPAMMERS can use your brand to build false trust with your customers, to extract information and commit fraud – and in the process tarnish your brand.  If you respect your customers and want to have a trust and respect based relationship – ONLY send from verifiable dedicated numbers.

This JBHiFi example is scary in it is so plausible. The writer did actually register with JB HiFi the week before to get an electric copy of a receipt.

However, I knew I had no package waiting for me.  How scary is this –  one click to a bad link that could have sucked my data off my phone and I am exposed.

No organisation is exempt from SPAMMERS  pretending to be your brand –  unless you make a commitment to a dedicated mobile number that can be tracked and replied to for all marketing correspondence.

Think MailChimp* meets CANVA meets
direct to mobile 2WAY messaging

* MailChimp is a trademark of Rocket Science Group

* CANVA is a trademark of CANVA