Digital Partners

MobileDigital™ runs an active Digital Partners program. Adding personalised and contextualized communications to your existing CX platform may in some cases require a re-think of your organisation’s client communications access strategy. This may be something you undertake internally or with the assistance of your current Digital Partners.

MobileDigital™ is happy to work closely with your Digital Agency Partners and provide education, support and guidance on optimising the value within SNIPER™.

Agency Partners can assist with developing strategies for incorporating mobile messaging into your communications mix, as well as provide design and integration assistance. SNIPER™ has a comprehensive set of Rest API’s and Webhooks available that will assist organisations in integrating MMS and SMS triggers into existing data management/CRM platforms. The use of triggers enables the ability to automate unique personalised visual messages to be delivered directly to a clients mobile, to surprise and delight your clients.

Trusted Communication

Trust is a core component of a respectful 1:1 relationship between an organisation and the consumer. One of the major drawbacks of SMS is the constant, continuous and increasingly innovative capabilities of SPAMMERs to come up with new schemes using SMS. Over half the malware, and the greater percentage of data theft on mobiles, occurs through users opening links on dubious SMS messages arriving from sources that, over time, have become more legitimate looking.

We have all become clever enough to spot the SMS from the Nigerian Prince wanting our bank account details. However, the use of Alpha headers is risky – as it takes no time or skill to mask an alpha header and pretend to be someone else.

SNIPER™ allocates a dedicated mobile number to each brand and organisation. In this way the sending identity cannot be faked, users can reply directly to the message, and ALL messages are delivered into the same user inbox. A dedicated mobile number allocated for your business becomes your brands true trackable mobile number, it enables your brand to have a trusted identity and a digital address for two way communications.

At SNIPER™, we want your clients to be able to engage with you, through your mobile number, in their own time, risk-free with full trust in that relationship.

Build a Mobile Database

As email open rates decline, organisations need to evaluate the importance of collecting consumer mobile numbers. SNIPER™ provides organisations with multiple tools to build, maintain and work a mobile number database.

API + Webhooks

SNIPER™ are working with multiple CRM and marketing software vendors using API Connectivity & Webhook Integration to integrate and automate workflow based triggers. These triggers generate client contact messaging through personalisation of offer messaging and visual branding. This functionality enables referencing of key client data, appropriate stored visual templates and messaging to deliver automated 1:1 surprise and delight messaging, in such instances as, Anniversaries, Birthdays, order fulfilment, next sale incentives.

Easy Campaign Management

SNIPER™ provides the functionality to manage campaigns with ease. Each contact campaign is given a unique identifier, and all activity can be tracked to the sender and the recipient. Campaign details can be amended, copied and queried, enabling campaign reporting and targeting.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword is a product that we have used at a very limited level in Australia – for multiple reasons.

1. Shortcodes continue to be very expensive in Australia
2. Regulations concerning SPAM and contacting consumers – are not as severe in Australia as they are in the USA or UK.

Both US and UK data support engaging in keyword campaigns and have been proven to be a very successful technique to build a mobile client list. One US retailer quotes building a list of 1.5 million opted-in users in one long weekend from a written a social media campaign asking readers to SMS a keyword to a number for a $ reward. The reward response was automated to deliver an active MMS voucher to the person who had texted in. When digitally delivering the reward coupon the texter was offered the opportunity to “double down” and provide their name, location and opt-in approval.

To date, reply (insert alpha) keyword response campaigns have not been on Australian marketers agenda. But, we believe they should be. SNIPER delivers this functionality as a fully automated tool.

Keyword text response campaigns should be built into every radio, newspaper, TV and online communication. The addition of Text PRIZE to 04XX XXX XXX adds no cost, it enables your organisation to start a mobile journey with that number, and turn them into an engaged mobile customer.

Think MailChimp* meets CANVA* meets
direct to mobile 2WAY messaging

* MailChimp is a trademark of Rocket Science Group

* CANVA is a trademark of CANVA